first international symposium
on the rose in our culture

 June 2025


The rose is a remarkable plant in so many different ways.

Initially the rose was probably grown for its medicinal properties but over time its beauty was recognised and it began to be planted in gardens as an ornamental plant.

At the same time it has taken on many different symbolic meanings – in all the arts, in fashion, in the legal system, in politics and in religion. It has long been a symbol of love and affection. For the most part the connotations have been positive but at times it has also been associated with the devil.

It is this aspect of the rose that this symposium is concentrating on – the rose in our culture

With such a feast of ideas and themes to explore, it is therefore with great pleasure and excitement that we invite you to join us on this symposium looking at the role that the rose has played – and still plays – in our culture.


We have brought together an outstanding international panel of academics, writers and practitioners, covering a broad array of topics, including art, fashion, law, literature, politics and religion. Coupled with visits to stunning gardens, this symposium is designed to be an engaging event that captures the imagination and helps you see the rose in different ways.

Attending the Symposium

The first International Symposium on the rose in our culture will take place over four days, with speakers addressing various topics and with guided tours of gardens and places in the area.
We have devised several packages for you to participate in the event.


The first international symposium on the Rose in our Culture will have as its backdrop the enchanting atmosphere of Lake Orta.
Orta San Giulio lies partly on the shores of Lake Orta and partly on the beautiful island of San Giulio, in a scenic setting that makes it unique. It is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy for its artistic and cultural interest.